About The King Bees

Based in Texas’ beautiful Brazos Valley, home of blues legend Mance Lipscomb, The King Bees dig deep into the roots of the blues.

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Jason bought his first guitar at the age of 14 in LaGrange, Texas, and learned to play rock music with his friend Tim Birchard. He was turned on to the blues in 1987 by a preacher at a radio station in Giddings, TX. While it resonated with him on a soul level, it was not until the urging of Austin musician Malford Milligan in 1989 that he seriously considered learning to play Blues music.

For a period of time in the early 90’s Jason was the buyer at a local Austin record store and had the opportunity to listen to and collect many blues recordings from Arhoolie, Sanachie, and Alligator Records to name a few, and to be in Austin at a time when the Austin Blues were in the world spotlight.

Around this time he was asked to help out with a guitar player who was in town to do some playing and recording. That guitar player was Jack Morgan. Between 1995 and 1997 Jason was Jack’s stage manager while Jack And The Rippers were performing in Texas and recording the Album “Dark Streets.” It was here that his connection to the Blues music manifested.

In 1997, Jason moved to the Houston Area and sat in at jams periodically with Mean Gene Kelton and played a few shows with Bo Young and the Allstars.

In the meantime, Jason fell in Love, raised some kids, and had a job.

In 2013, after a life-changing experience, and at the recommendation of his wife, Jason picked up the guitar again and started working up songs that he had learned in his twenties.

It was a synchronistic chain of events that led him to the Chicken Oil Blues Jam in College Station, TX on Thursday nights, where he ran in to the likes of George Ward, Steve Carr, and Dan Peterson. Now he is actively testing Joseph Campbell’s theory that “If you follow your bliss, doors will open where there were once only walls” and sharing his passion for the Blues.

These rest is here on these pages.

Jason lives in Navasota,Tx with his wife Denise and his dog… Jack.

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Dan started drumming in junior high in Claremont, New Hampshire. After switching to acoustic guitar in his junior year of high school, he didn’t play drums for 30+ years. In 2003 he got a chance to play drums again in a classic rock band.

Since then, Dan has been a drummer performing live shows in the northeast, New Hampshire and Maine. Once he started he never looked back. In addition, he has also managed and booked the bands that he has played in.

Drumming is what Dan has been known for… until now.

In 2016 Dan took the opportunity to play bass with Jason in a new blues project, where he got to challenge himself in a very exciting way. Exciting new material, plans to start a new project, and a new friendship were all Dan needed to move into “fast forward.”
Today Dan’s a proud member of The King Bees!


Born into a musical family and raised in the Bryan-College Station, Texas area with detours in and around Dallas and Ft. Worth. It all started when a band he was playing with got runner-up for first place in a seventh grade talent show – playing the blues, of course.

Along came Cream, Hendrix, John Mayall and whole lot of B.B. King records. After playing in an assortment of blues, jazz, country, soul and top-40 bands for about 10 years he took a break. After a 15-year hiatus from the music business it all started up again playing with the Rock-A Fellas, The Blue Note All-Stars, The Full House Blues Band, Mustang Ridge and Eugene Eugene. In the mean time, he has appeared on stage with artists such as Ruthie Foster, Donald Ray Johnson, Nat Dove, Mickey Gilley, Damu Alii and many others.

He was approached in late 2016 to be a part of the King Bees and has been buzzing with them ever since.

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Born in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Mark was surrounded by music of many styles – Latin, Rock, Blues, Classical and 60-70’s Pop. After moving to West Texas, things slowed down a bit until high school marching band. Mark found a percussion instructor who taught music theory and technique. He always had a passion for percussion, but this is where he forever bonded with drums of all types.

During college at Texas A&M University, he started and played in several bands that performed locally and toured around Texas and the Southeast US. Initially playing mainly in rock cover bands (“I like to play for the crowd…”), Mark is looking forward to the opportunity to entertain with the other talented members of the King Bees!